Better Living: 4 Things You Should Know About Sobriety


When alcohol is part of a person’s identity, thinking about life without it is scary. Alcohol is an integral part of life and most addicts aren’t sure who they are without it.

Add to that the uncertainty about what living sober entails. As you can imagine, there are a whole bunch of unknown answers.

Don’t let the fear of what life might look like after alcohol prevents you from participating in a healthier life.

Learn 4 things you should know about sobriety before you start the journey.

1. Sober Recovery Takes Time

Many people in recovery (and their families) feel surprised when they realize how much time plays into living sober.

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. You might find things go well for the first few weeks or even the first few months. Eventually, most people hit a point where they feel like their efforts aren’t paying off.

When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, it won’t last forever. Hold on and push through the challenges. You will come to a place where you know without a doubt living sober is the right choice.

2. Attitude Goes a Long Way

Not every person in recovery starts out as a willing participant. Initially, some addicts come to recovery because a partner, family member, or employer gives them an ultimatum.

Most people don’t immediately embrace forced treatment. They come to treatment with the attitude that they don’t really need help. This often means they get sober but don’t grow.

When your mindset tells you it’s the rest of the world who has the problem, you risk stunting your growth in recovery. If you can shift your attitude from looking at sober living as a burden to embracing it as a second chance, you’ll find more success (and enjoyment) in recovery.

3. Living Sober Changes Everything

Change is a given when you get sober. What most people don’t realize is the extent of change when they give up alcohol.

In recovery, it’s not unusual to see changes in every aspect of life.

What you do in your free time changes. Your friendships change. Places you go change.

Most of us don’t love change. Change is often unsettling and when you choose sobriety, many changes happen at the same time.

Keep in mind, when you choose living sober, change is part of the process. It’s all about creating a better life.

4. The World Opens Up

As you learn more about how to get sober, you’ll notice that not only do relationships change, so does the world. Let’s clarify—the world, as you experience it, changes.

Sober living is healthy living and when you adopt a healthy mindset, you look for activities that go along with it.

Many recovering addicts discover they love sports. They take up rock climbing, skiing, or surfing. Any activity that gets the blood (and adrenaline) pumping!

When you give up alcohol, you may ignite your creativity. Whether it’s writing, painting, or playing music, creative activities can give you a natural high.

If you think about it, wasn’t life with alcohol a little dull? Sobriety opens up a world of opportunity for healthy living and healthy self-expression. Nothing boring or dull about it.

Ready for Sobriety?

We hope you’ve discovered a few helpful things about living sober. Remember, each person in recovery is different and experiences sobriety in their own unique way.

If you’re ready to explore living a sober life and want more information about treatment options, contact us today.