Is My Loved One an Addict?: The Top Signs Someone You Love is a Heroin Addict

heroin addict

If you believe your loved one is suffering from addiction, you may want to stage an intervention. Before doing that, you need to make sure you are sure about their addiction, instead of simply having a hunch.

There are many signs that differentiate an addiction from other physical or mental issues. Heroin addiction, specifically, comes with some very distinguishable signs. Here are a few things to look out for if you believe someone you love is a heroin addict.

1. Being in a Drowsy State

Heroin is a drug that makes the body slow down. Many of the physical reactions to the drug have to do with slowing down, including a reduced heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and slower breathing. This leads to the drowsy state that is common for any heroin addict.

If you notice your loved one nodding off as if they are sleeping, it may be a sign of heroin use.

2. Personality Changes

Heroin use can lead to many notable personality changes. Specifically, you may notice that heroin addicts become more sheltered from society as they begin to only take solace in the drug. You may also find them to be more aggressive and showing little care for their life and loved ones.

3. Needle Marks

Most heroin users rely on needles to inject the substance. This leads to needle marks due to the lack of professional expertise in using needles. If you notice many needle marks in different places on your loved one, that is a clear sign of self-injecting.

4. Appearance Changes

Heroin usage often comes with appearance changes. This can be for various reasons. Heroin users typically don’t care for themselves, so they tend to lack in basic hygiene and their clothes may start to appear rattier.

Heroin also makes it difficult to sleep, so you may notice that your loved ones look tired or sick once they start using. Appearance changes are easy to spot, especially as the heroin usage becomes effective.

5. Financial Instability

Heroin is a costly drug. Though the bags themselves may be inexpensive, there are other ways it impacts users financially. Addicts usually dwindle their cash at hand on buying heroin and other products to support their addiction.

On top of that, heroin usage often leads to lower work productivity or attendance. This can lead to your loved one losing their job, causing further financial instability at the hands of heroin.

When Your Loved One is a Heroin Addict

If you believe that someone you care about is a heroin addict, you should look to get them help right away so that they can get their life back on track. Though an intervention may help, professional drug rehab is typically necessary to get off this highly addictive drug.

There are many types of recovery programs that you can choose from, and determining the best one is a key step on the road to recovery. Be sure to read about the programs offered at Pathways Florida in order to help your loved one get their life back.